Welcome to Lenah Valley Childcare and Early Learning Centre

“Tell me and I Forget,
Teach me and I May Remember, Involve me and I Learn”


Inspired by Our Children’s Achievements, Education and Growth

We offer a wide range of approved teaching programs and learning through fun & play.


The management of Tasmanian Childcare Centres has provided Early Learning and Childcare services for a large number of years and believes strongly in providing every opportunity for all children to grow and learn through fun and structured learning programs.

Supervisors, Early Learning Teachers and Educators at Tasmanian Early Learning Centres hold the required and relevant qualifications for each position. They are experienced and dedicated to all children growing and learning in terms of the National Quality Framework, National Regulations and the Early Years Learning Framework.

All educators, teachers and supervisors are encouraged and provided with every opportunity and assistance to further their education qualifications in the childcare industry. Internal and external training is provided to all our educators. Attendance at industry seminars is offered to enhance their knowledge and embrace change and trends in the industry.


Lenah Valley Childcare & Early Learning Centre is registered with the Australian Children’s Education Care Quality Authority and has been assessed by the Authorities as meeting all the requirements of the 7 Quality Areas, 15 Standards and 40 Elements covered by the National Quality Standards and Regulations.


  • Approved Long Day Care Service
  • Approved for Government Funding to parents
  • Operating Hours: 6.30am to 6.30pm
  • Open 52 weeks per year, Monday to Friday (Closed Public Holidays)
  • Education and care for children aged 6 weeks to school age

  • Afterschool and before school care (depending on available space)

  • Engaging & Inspiring curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Sunscreen & wipes
  • Sun Smart Centre

  • Eat well, move well centre

  • Educational excursions and events

  • Natural outdoor play-scapes for learning through fun and play involving sensory activities

  • Learning sustainable practices including recycling, vegetable and plant gardens

  • Interactive Smartboard and iPads to enhance early learning programs

  • Interactive software and Parent App. for communication with parents on each child’s well-being and development and for parents to communicate back to educators



We are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and believe in providing a learning environment that is exciting, challenging and that cater for different learning capacities and styles.

  • Culteral focus – our children come from diverse backgrounds
  • Training courses – we encourage educators learning and growth in childcare and children’s education

    Our educators also receive training in:

    • Occupation Safety and Health
    • First Aid applications
    • Fire Drill and Safety
    • Environmental Safety
    • Equipment Safety
  • Children first – education is a right not a privilege

We believe that secure, inviting inclusive learning and safe relationships with children will encourage Belonging, Being & Becoming.

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, which allows children to explore and discover new possibilities while acquiring knowledge. We aim to provide learning programs that emphasise well-being and that meets the needs, interests and abilities of the children in a controlled but challenging environment.
At Tasmanian Childcare Centres we believe in providing a sense of belonging through the creation of a safe, warm, caring and inviting environment that fosters secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between children, families and educators. We believe that it is these secure, trusting relationships that help children to build confidence and feel respected and valued.Read More

To maintain a secure, inviting, inclusive learning and safe relationships that provide a caring attitude to all children, parents and the community. To develop and grow children through educational programs and learning through fun and play.

Maintain up to date Policies and Procedures in accordance with the Government Regulations and Standards.

We will honour our commitment to provide quality care and a learning environment for all children that embraces and respects the culture, values and beliefs of the parents and children. We will adopt innovative and approved learning programs to enhance children’s senses, interact and socialise in a confident manner.

We believe in providing a strong sense of belonging.

We believe in providing indoor & outdoor environments that are welcoming, challenging, vibrant and flexible.

We believe in providing an increased awareness to our Educators and our children of the responsibilities and outcomes from implementing and adopting sustainable environmental goals.

We believe and value children’s families influence in their knowledge, insight and perspective and encourage them to contribute to equality and equity for all children.


Our Educa parent communication system receives hundreds of parents comments throughout the year.

thank you for all the thought and work and love you guys put into caring for our children. I feel safe and happy that my most precious little girl is being cared for and educated by you guys

…time to say goodbye… after 8 years… wonderful staff… helped prepare them for school and life in general

it’s a lovely thing to be able to drop off your kids and know they are in such a safe, supportive, fun place