Lenah Valley Childcare & Early Learning Centre Broad Goals

All Children

We aim to encourage all children to participate in play activities that cater for all areas of development and promote learning skills in the areas of:

  • A strong sense of identity
  • Being connected with and contributing to their world
  • Having a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Being confident and involved learners
  • Being effective communicators

All Families

We aim to encourage families to participate in our programs and share their knowledge and experience. We encourage and support relationships, educators and families to build mutual understandings and provide consistency in children’s care.

We have a responsibility to honor our commitment to our children and parents achieving their hopes and dreams from the positive outcomes of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We will rely on our younger generation of children guiding us as we grow older and take responsibility for future outcomes. These outcomes give our Educators an incredible sense of joy and achievements.

Daily Operations

We will continue to comply with the Education and Care Unit guidelines, National Quality Framework and apply the National Quality Standards and those incorporated in the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place Framework

We apply a duty of care and safety in our programs for all activities.


We aim to develop and implement programs to meet the changing educational needs of all children in the community and their respective cultures, values and beliefs.

Positively promote the service that our centre provides to the families in the community and offer many opportunities for input and participation from family and community members.


We aim for Tasmanian Childcare Centres to have professional teams of Early Childhood Educators who provide quality care and will continually and consistently consult/work with other educational agencies to achieve the most effective outcomes for children’s learning.

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