As from 2nd July 2018

The Federal Government is introducing a new Child Care Subsidy Package. The package will combine the separate payments, such as the CCB and CCR into one amount. There will also be new guidelines for assessing the subsidy and which will be paid directly to the childcare centre.

The new guidelines will embrace:

  • a single payment subsidy
  • the revised combined family income threshold
  • a new Activity Test (e.g. working hours, study, volunteering work)
  • new ‘hourly rate caps’ per service type
  • all parents will be required to register with Centrelink to confirm the childs booking into childcare

The implementation of the new guidelines will provide many working families with greater financial support. However, some families may not meet the standards covered by the new guidelines.

The Government websites that can be accessed are as follows:

Should you have any concerns, Lenah Valley Childcare & Early Learning Centre Director will be able to assist you wherever possible.

Current Government Assistance

Before and After School Care & Vacation Care Fees

Limited space is available and the centre should be contacted for the availability of this service and for fees applicable.

Payment of Fees

Parents will be advised of the fee payable after taking into account Government fee assistance for CCB and CCR or other approved funding such as Job, Education, and Training (JET).

Parents will be issued with a statement each week which will indicate fees charged and payments received. Fees are to be paid two weeks in advance.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

The amount of CCB you can receive depends on:

  • Your income (family)
  • The type of care you use (approved or registered)
  • The amount of care you use (up to 50 hours per week)
  • The reason you are using childcare (work related)
  • The number of children you have in care

For families not satisfying the CCB test then CCB up to 24 hours care may be available. Absent days from childcare of 42 days is allowed and will be covered by CCB and CCB.

Child Care Rebate (CCR)

CCR is a non-means tested payment that provides additional assistance for families using approved care. CCR provides up to 50 percent of a family’s out-of-pocket child care costs after any CCB is deducted, up to a maximum of $7,500 per child per year.

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