At Lenah Valley Childcare and Early Learning Centre we believe in providing a sense of belonging through the creation of a safe, warm, caring and inviting environment that fosters secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between children, families and educators. We believe that it is these secure, trusting relationships that help children to build confidence and feel respected and valued.

Our educators believe in respecting and honouring each family’s values, beliefs, histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child-rearing practices and lifestyle choices. We will take pride in our heritage, by acknowledging our Traditional Land Owners each day in our curriculum, and integrate cultural awareness into art and learning experiences.

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Lenah Valley Early Learning Centre has great relationships with families, with limited spaces available and each year our rooms fill fast
NatashaGeneral Manager
My name is Natasha Tomlinson and I have been working within the early learning industry for the past 8 years. After having my own children, I was keen to further my knowledge and skills with working with children within the early learning sector. I felt I could provide children with a comfortable, safe and secure place they can have the opportunity to learn and seek life skills to help them within their early years.

I believe that each child is unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

Jess T.
Jess T.Centre Director

Within our early learning environment, I aim to provide children with an environment that makes them feel safe, secure, and respected while fostering their growth and development across all areas of learning.

Supporting children to be confident individuals that have the opportunity to learn at their own developmental rate.

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When implementing experiences within the environment I provide a diverse range of experiences that cater to each individual while still challenging them to further develop their range of skills and knowledge of the world around them.

As we develop and form bonds with each child in our environment, we become their support structure, for them to confidently express their own individual thoughts, interests and extend their learning through play and communication with others. While being available to assist and guide them to develop their knowledge and skills when they require support or reassurance.

Promoting and encouraging a strong sense of health and wellbeing through physical play both indoors and outdoors in all age groups is an important part of learning and development within the early years. To make physical development an important part of our daily routine and engaging for the children we implement a variety of experiences that promote physical activity through children’s interests.

As we are caring for and educating children working in partnerships with families helps to provide us with the knowledge, we need to support each child as they enter our environment for the first time. Families also provide valuable information that assists us to understand their child’s developmental needs and ensure we are providing quality care for each individual child.

Forming a bond with the families of our service is just as important as the bonds we form with the children, as parents and guardians also need to feel safe and supported when leaving their children in their care of new individuals and a new environment. I feel constant open communication with families is the best way to support the parents and guardians as they settle into their new routine and environment. Open communication allows parents and guardians to express their thoughts on their child and ways to support and nurture their learning.

I believe in supporting children to become confident and independent individuals while learning through play-based experiences with the support and guidance of their peers and educators.

Bec M
Bec MAssistant Director

I have been working in the industry for 8 years.

I am passionate about working with children and alongside their families.

Children deserve to be loved, cared for, and supported each day to enable them to grow and learn.

I strive to ensure each child’s own unique characteristics, talents, and interests are supported and individual learning is provided.

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I believe children learn by seeing, hearing, exploring through play and are encouraged to be themselves.

Following children’s cues and interests is fundamental in providing a rich and nurturing environment.

I strive to guide each child into the next stage of their development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning.

Providing and implementing an education program and environment that reflects both the individual and group needs is highly important as this helps to promote each child’s interests, culture, learning, and development through play where children are successful, capable, and confident learners.

I believe building trusting and respectful relationships with children and families help to achieve a confident child.

Bec Z
Bec ZEducator

Hi, I’m Bec Zoon. I am currently studying for my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have worked at Lenah Valley Childcare Centre since 2015, not long after I began studying my cert III.

I believe that play should be the basis of a child’s learning, and with that, a good balance between educator-directed and child-initiated experiences is essential to a child’s learning.

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The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative years, and because of this, each child needs to be nurtured and given the most positive experiences to help guide and form them into the best little people they can be.

All children have the right to feel safe, secure, and supported and be treated with respect.


I have been working as an Early Childhood Educator for 20 years, 10 of those here at Lenah Valley Childcare.

I completed my Certificate 3 in Early childhood Education and care in 2012..

I believe in building a safe and trusting relationship with each child and their families. I always ensure that children and their families come first, and their opinion and concerns can be shared.

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I believe that treating families, children and co-workers with respect is a big key to building a trusting relationship with each other.

I believe as an educator it is my role to create a safe and nurturing environment for children, to learn and play in.

I believe as an educator it is important to provide a learning space where all children’s needs and development are met and understood.


I have a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and am currently undertaking postgraduate studies in Writing and Literature.

I am relationship-focused, and my approach to care is grounded in the practice of listening. I echo the UN convention on the Rights of The Child (to which Australia is a signatory) in my belief that all children are entitled to be cared for, to be protected by the adults around them, to express their needs and wants, and to be listened to. As such I place importance on empowering children through the expansion of their emotional vocabulary, and creative expression.

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I firmly believe in the benefits of play-based learning. Play is a safe space for experimenting with a developing sense of agency. I embrace the dignity of risk-taking while offering support to navigate the importance of boundaries (both personal and structural) with love and understanding.

My background in the arts has taught me to embrace critical reflection. I welcome feedback and new perspectives. I believe in my instincts, but understand the limits of my role. My job is to collaborate with families to support their child as an individual, while also instilling a sense of community and interdependence for the child in the classroom.

I believe in explaining, expanding, and exploring. I encourage curiosity, questioning, and inquiry. I prioritise trust, respect, and openness. I recognise laughter, imagination, and joy as powerful tools for world-building. I embrace the child’s perspective and contributions.


My name is Eliza, I have been working in childcare since mid-2019 and I am currently studying my cert 3 in early childhood education and care.

I believe that all children are so unique and all different in their own ways. The fact that all children are so individual makes observing them grow so much more interesting as each child’s learning experiences are never the same.

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I personally learn so much within the time I spend with children every day and I believe that children also learn so much from adults and the other children that they engage with.

I am strongly passionate about working alongside children because as an educator there is nothing, I personally find more rewarding than the relationships you build with not only the children but their families also, assisting with their learning and watching them develop. The children of today are going to be such a big part of our future and there is nothing I love more than helping them become the best they can be.

My name is Emma and I hold my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I aim to continue to further my knowledge through completing my Diploma as well as through continued experience in this service.

I believe that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important developmentally. They learn so many different skills and abilities in this time. I aim to help shape their future learning experiences.

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As an Educator, I aim to ensure that all children are met with many different opportunities for success and can be someone that they can view as a positive role model and is available for honest and open conversations as well as support and comfort when needed.
I also believe that as much as I can help to teach children, I can learn from them in many ways.

I will ensure that every child’s and family’s rights, culture, and backgrounds are always respected and appreciated.

My name is Jashmin and I hold my certificate 3 in Early childhood Education and Care.

I believe that every child is different and unique and has different interests and needs. Being an Educator I will value and develop each child’s strength, skills, and abilities to extend their learning.

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I believe that each child belongs to the family, community, and religion first before they come to any educational service. Myself being from another cultural background I believe that there should be a cultural diversity. I will celebrate the benefits of diversity with each individual child and enable them to understand and acknowledge the difference.

As an educator, I aim to ensure that all children feel safe and loved so that they become able to take the risks necessary to be in a relationship to explore and try new things.

I believe that learning is happening all the time in early childhood and interwoven through all developmental domains which are physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and communication. Therefore, the goal of my program is to make this ongoing learning experience safe positive, and fun.

My name is Jangmoo Moktan and I hold my certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I believe that each child is an individual and as an educator, I will value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities, and knowledge to extend their learning.

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I believe that children are capable and competent, have absorbent minds and take in what they learn through their play experiences. Children are curious, full of wonder, and need to explore to discover and learn. Children are creative, imaginative, and unique. I as an educator need to allow for children to have endless opportunities to explore and experiment with activities so that they can learn through their many experiences.

Children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their own learning. I believe observations and assessments are excellent tools to use when planning a curriculum. Observations, not only aid in creating the curriculum but also give insight into the development, knowledge, and skill levels of each individual child.

I have been here at Lenah valley and in the childcare industry for over 7 years.

I have always wanted to work alongside children and help make a difference in their lives as they grow and learn.

I believe every child has their own unique ways of learning, and I cherish each moment I get to assist and share those moments.

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I believe Children and their families need to feel safe and welcome to begin building trusting relationships with the staff and service.

I have a strong belief that educators and families should always build on a strong, trusting, and respectful relationship.

This creates a positive and comfortable feeling for educators, families, and children.

I believe the best way to learn is through play.

Children have the right to help choose what experiences they would like to experience and participate in and which they would rather observe or leave.
This will help us in recognising their comfort zones and development progress, which is a big part of what we hope to help the children achieve or work towards in our care.

My Goal is to continue building on my relationships with current and new families entering out service.

I have been working in Early learning children services for 8 years and have a strong passion for children growing and developing throughout the centre and beyond. I have acquired my Certificate 3 in Children’s services and actively working towards my Diploma for an Early childhood setting.

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My personal philosophy is that I believe that children should be given choices for them to nurture and be nurtured as they develop and grow in meeting the developmental milestones at their own pace. Every child is different and so therefore as an educator I am able to assist them to grow at their own time.

It’s also my duty to remain as an effective team member and with management to work together daily to effectively be there for the children and to continue to be knowledgeable by attending any training that is required of me.

As an educator, it is my goal to assist and foster them to give them the right tools to give a sense of agency. I also aim to be a positive role model by guiding them to equip themselves with the right tools by using positive reinforcement and by setting good examples to set them up for beyond care.

Every child is a different type of learner whether it’s visual, kinaesthetic, or an auditory learner. There is no wrong or right way of learning for a child. And As an educator, it is for me to assist the child and for the families that attend care. I feel it Is important to engage and partnership with families to grow positive and active relationships.

My name is Kayla and I have been in the childcare industry for 8 years now. I have completed my certificate III in 2012 and recently completed my diploma in 2020.

I believe that every child has the right to learn and be accepted for who they are.

I believe as an educator it is my role to create a safe learning environment for all children to play and learn.

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I believe that showing and having respect to the children, their families, and my co-workers builds a trusting relationship.

I believe as an educator it is important to provide a learning space where all children’s needs and development are met.

My name is Louise I have been working in the Early childhood education and care sector for 18 years. I have a certificate III in children’s service, and I have just started studying for my Diploma in ECEC.

As an educator, I believe a child should be provided with a caring, positive and nurturing environment.

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I believe that each child should be treated as an individual. I aim to support children’s development and learning through my interactions, my collaborative relationships with families and children, and through providing meaningful play and learning environments and experiences.

I want to help each child feel safe, welcomed, and supported in the environment they are in, I believe helps children to feel a sense of security and that they belong within our community.

I believe children learn best through play and giving them the opportunity to build on their learning through many experiences and a variety of resources.

Children should be given opportunities to learn how to build positive relationships with other children and learning about the world around them.

I believe that each educator should make each child feel they belong in the childcare.

I believe that child’s backgrounds should be freely express in the program, to learn about their cultural background in the centre.

I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education. I will assist children to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others.

I aim to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to each day. I believe that children should be in a safe and caring community where they are free to speak their minds and blossom and grow.

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I consider families a vital aspect of my program. Parents who can spend time in the room occasionally are more aware of the details of their child’s day. Observing what goes on firsthand helps a parent know what to ask the child at the end of each school day.

I believe the environment plays a major role in the success of an early childhood program. It should enhance the children’s interest s in all developmental domains. I believe learning in an early childhood environment is done most successfully through stations that can be visited, explored, and revisited again.

I believe that all children, no matter their background, culture, or support needs, should have equal access to care and support. Every child deserves to be included.

Educators should work hard to create a space in which children feel safe and supported in their learning and personal development and be given the opportunity to grow. By doing these children will have the opportunity to build strong relationships with educators and the other children.

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Every child is unique and should be treated as an individual, each child has their own style of learning and develops their skills in time. A child should never be rushed to learn. Children should always be provided with experiences that are developmentally appropriate and engaging.

I acknowledge that the families are the children’s first teachers and that each family has different beliefs and values, these are to be upheld and always respected.

I believe that I as an educator I can learn just as much from the children as they can from me.

All children have the right for their voice, thoughts, and rights to be heard. It is my duty as an educator to advocate for them.

It is my role as an educator to provide enjoyable and stimulating environments for the children that promote their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

I believe in the importance of creating strong relationships with both the children and their families, we can then work together to ensure that their children are receiving the best possible care and learning.

I believe in building a strong workplace, working positively with all staff and management to create the best possible environment for all children and families.

My name is Mekayla and I currently hold my diploma in education studies. My beliefs and values upon my personal philosophy have come from my current education studying a Bachelor of Education at the University of Tasmania.

I believe all children deserve an equal education despite individual learning difficulties, all children deserve to learn in an inclusive learning environment.

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I also believe parents and families play a vital role in the early development of children. Parents are a child’s first role model as they behave, react, and imitate the same ways as their parents.

I believe catering for children’s interests through learning is essential as children tend to be motivated and interact longer when they are provided with learning opportunities they enjoy. Children can develop many skills through the power of play.

All children deserve to be loved, cared for, respected, and nurtured by all educators.

Nicole C.
Nicole C.Educator
My name is Nicole Carver, I am a Diploma Qualified Educator, I have been working in the Childcare Industry since 2018. My personal philosophy is my beliefs in which I strive to achieve in my everyday practices.

I ensure every child in my care is feeling a sense of belonging, safe, secure, loved, happy, and confident.

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I will provide opportunities for the children to explore, discover, create, and imagine within their learning environment, as they learn best by playing!
Each child is an individual and as an educator, I will value each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities within their learning environments.

I am committed to working in partnerships with the families to create open, honest, and respectful relationships.

Nicole F.
Nicole F.Educator
My name is Nicole and I hold my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Having four young children myself my focus is on the relationships between families, Educators, and the Childcare itself. I believe constant communication is the key between all three to help the children feel safe, loved, and supported during their time in our educational environment.

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Caring for children is my passion and I believe that every child is unique with different needs, wants, and learning styles. With Parent’s input, I enjoy creating a positive and nurturing experience for the children to engage in that guides them into their next developmental stage.

I feel that the children’s environment plays a big role in their development, creating a safe fun space for them to explore and learn at their own pace.
Learning through play gives the children an opportunity to learn in different developmental styles such as physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. Learning this way helps for their future endeavors.

I believe that all children deserve the absolute best start in life, and as educators we are often the influences a child will spend most of their day with, placing us in an incredibly important position as their role-models. Positive role-modeling is crucial when promoting physical, social, and emotional development among children, and I believe that if a rule is set for the children, I must lead by example and abide by that same rule.

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All children must be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. Every child is different, and we must respect that difference by altering our method and manner to suit each individual child’s needs. Taking cultural, behavioural, intellectual and physical differences into account is vital in enabling children to reach their full potential. If an environment is not suited to a child, it negatively impacts both their learning and development and so to provide the utmost quality and care these needs must be considered at all times.

It is important we build trusting and positive bonds with children placed in our care, as this allows them to feel safe in our centre. A child that does not trust the educators in a room will be stressed, upset and confused, and this is not physically, socially or mentally healthy. A strong bond helps a child feel comfortable in an environment, encouraging them to explore and take risk and allows them to learn, grow, and develop. It is similarly important to develop relationships with the family of children, as this promotes greater communication and understanding of familial, cultural, behavioural, dietary, and medical needs.

My care strategy primarily revolves around empathy and negotiation, allowing children in my care to offer their own voice regarding their daily lives. This promotes independence, responsibility, and allows the children a level of control, which is an important part of their development.

I have recently completed my certificate 3 in Early Learning Childhood Education and Care.

I have been working in the childcare industry for 5 years.

I aim to provide the best quality care for children and their families.

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I am a big believer in play-based learning and experiences while building a warm and relaxed environment for all families, children, and other staff.

I also aim to build and create positive relationships with families and children where everyone feels like they belong.

My name is Talissa Jacobson, I currently hold a certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have worked in the childhood education sector within a centre environment for 4 years.

I enjoy helping children to learn and develop emotionally, socially, and physically throughout the early years of their life.

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I believe every child has the right to be respected, the right to dream, and the right to be loved and cared for throughout their whole life.

I believe I am friendly and approachable towards all the children and their families.

I also believe that respect is an important key to building relationships with all children, families, and co-workers.

My name is Tayla Walker. I have held my Diploma for 7 years and have worked in the industry for 6 years, taking a year off to have my son.

My passion is providing quality care for all children within the room.

I strongly believe my relationship with children reflects on my interactions with them during care.

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I understand that parents and families are the most influential people in the child’s life, therefore I believe building relationships with the families is crucial in playing an important role in the child’s life.

I feel communication is the key to supporting this relationship.

I understand each child’s voice is valid and should be recognized when making decisions that regard the children.

I share a strong passion for the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrients playing a big role in a child’s development.

I believe role modeling these decisions and actively engaging with children is a good way to make healthy habits that last.

I will respect all children as individuals no matter their background or cultural differences.


As an educator, I believe that all children are entitled to a positive environment to learn and grow in to become outstanding individuals.

I believe that as an educator, I am there to provide an environment where children feel safe, secure, and supported as they grow in their learning with role models who treat them with respect and dignity.

My name is Tiana Barnard, I have been working in childcare for almost 7 years now I have completed my certificate 3 in early years learning.

Childcare has been something I wanted to do since high school and still, I absolutely love my job watching all different children learn and building a bond with them is the most rewarding part of the job.

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I strongly believe no child is the same and that we are all individuals. For that reason, I think all children learn differently and I will do my best to further their education in every way I can.

I believe all children should feel safe and secure in care and that families should always feel like they are involved in everything the centre does. I also strongly believe that every culture should be socially accepted into the service.

Hey, I’m Torie Upton. I hold my certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and have worked in this industry for the past 3 years.

I believe a strong relationship with the children and their families is important to help the children reach their best potential. This helps to tailor the programmed experiences and activities throughout the day to focus on the children’s interests and developmental needs.

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Children deserve the same amount of respect and trust that we give to adults and should be treated with love and care throughout their day in the centre.

My name is Yi Niu and I love being part of the team at Lenah Valley Childcare centre. I have a passion for educating and nurturing children which is the reason I have worked in children care for the past 2 years.

I believe the first 2years in a child’s life is critical to learning and that children need to feel that they belong. Children should feel safe, secure, and respected.

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As a childcare worker, I guide children in their social well-being as well as their emotional and physical wellbeing. Children develop a range of skills whilst being happy and inviting environment with adults and peers who accept the “whole” Child as a unique individual. I believe all children are unique and should be treated equally.

It is important to communicate with families to gain knowledgeable information about their child’s/children’s interests, family life, beliefs, culture, and tradition. Each child and their family should be respected, embraced, and involved as it is important to a child’s overall development. I support children’s development and ongoing learning.

I really enjoy my job, getting down on the children’s level to take part in a lot of exciting experiences with them. My greatest satisfaction with the job is seeing how much each child grows and develops during a year and knowing I played an important part in that.

Within my role as an early childhood educator, I intend to be forever passionate, patient, caring, and fun. Ensuring I am continually extended my professional learning allowing me to correctly follow policies, procedures, and regulations to the best of my knowledge and ability at all times.

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